Can You Answer These Questions About Veronica Mars?

Before she became Princess Anna of Arendelle and Eleanor Shellstrop of The Good Place, Kristen Bell solved crimes in Southern California as the eponymous Veronica Mars. From 2004-2007 (and in a brief, glorious glimpse in a 2014 film), Veronica tracked down criminals and murderers, all while attending classes and navigating a twisting and turning love life. It's been a long wait, Marshmallows, but after twelve long years, season four has finally arrived on Hulu! Let's just not talk about that ending to episode 8, shall we? Put the disappointment out of your mind and think of better times by taking this comprehensive trivia quiz!
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Question: 1
What is the name of the high school that Veronica attends?
Question: 2
Which sport does Wallace play?
Question: 3
Who is Veronica's biological father?
Question: 4
Veronica is one of two characters who appear in every episode of the show. Who is the other character?
Question: 5
Why did Duncan break up with Veronica?
Question: 6
Who blows up the plane bringing Woody Goodman back to Neptune?
Question: 7
Who is Veronica's journalism teacher?
Question: 8
Who killed Felix Toombs?
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