So you really want to fail at English-Part 4

Created by: sjcs9 on May 18, 2015 | 46 plays
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hello said john john im john john:) hello john john said johnny john im johnny john
Question: 2 / 8
hi said alex im from alexandra hello im alexandra whats your name alex said alex from alexandra
Question: 3 / 8
megalolz said megan lolz I'm megan lolz but call me megalolz
Question: 4 / 8
tracey lacey said to stacey macey im tracey stacey stated tracey
Question: 5 / 8
peter piper picked a peck of pickled pepper pecked pepper to peter
Question: 6 / 8
Question: 7 / 8
she sells sea shells on the sea shore said she
Question: 8 / 8
lol said lolly im lolly lol lol said lilly im lilly lol
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