Can You Correctly Answer These Difficult Harry Potter Questions?

Only a true Potterhead will be able to get all of these tricky Harry Potter questions correct. Play it to see how much you really know!
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Question: 1
What quidditch team does Ron Weasley support?
Question: 2
Who did Neville Longbottom go with to the Yule Ball?
Question: 3
What subject did Professor Quirrell teach before Defense Against the Dark Arts?
Question: 4
What trick did students need to know in order to open 'The Monster Book of Monsters'?
Question: 5
Which of the following ingredients is not needed for brewing Polyjuice potion?
Question: 6
What name did Ginny Weasley give her Pygmy Puff?
Question: 7
What spell fills a surrounding area with an unidentifiable buzzing?
Question: 8
Who was the master of Hokey the house-elf?
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