Do You Know Every NFL Team Logo?

Team logos hold a great deal of importance in the NFL, especially to the fans. They are the images by which teammates and fans alike identify themselves and their allegiances; as often as they unite followers of the same banner, they divide those who differ. As a member of the Big Four sports leagues in North America, the National Football League and its imagery are ubiquitous. But how well can you remember the teams' logos? With this many cats and birds, it may be more difficult than you expect... All logos are from
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Question: 1
Which team's logo is this?
Question: 2
What about this 'G'?
Question: 3
And this bird?
Question: 4
This logo?
Question: 5
Which team's logo is this?
Question: 6
This one?
Question: 7
What about this 'B' logo?
Question: 8
Which team's logo is this?
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