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In 2014, how many Americans lived in food insecure households?
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The national average of food insecurity by state is 14.3%. What is Ohio's average?
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What percentage of people in Hamilton County suffer food insecurity?
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Cleveland, Detroit, Memphis and Cincinnati were recently ranked top four in the country for what?
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On average, how many families visit the St. Vincent dePaul Food pantry every month?
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What is the average cost to feed a family of four for one day? (includes three meals, prepared at home and one snack)
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An average SUA box of donated food weighs approximately 36 pounds.The average American consumes 5.4 pounds of food a day. How many individuals can the SUA Family Food Fight Feed if we collect 900 boxes of food?
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Select the meal(s) usually skipped by low income children?
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