So you really want to fail at English - Part 2

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what are we doing exclaimed john smith
Question: 2 / 8
In this question then you have to guess where the spaces are in this sentence : muhhahahahahamuhmuhahahahahahamuhmuhmuhhahahaha
Question: 3 / 8
once again put spaces in this sentence :numnumnumnumnumnumnumnumnumnumnumnumnumnum
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put the punctuation in (including the spaces) isthatapegacornovertherebecauseilovethembutidontlikeunicorns
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ok now i am just going to ask you a question, what is the best sport out of the ones provided (yes just like the perse papers the question is an opinion of choice and you may think that the answer i think it is is wrong but i dont care because im the one
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its your english exam today do you.......
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yes you will probably have figured out that i am bored to death by now but guess what could cheer me up and then put the spaces in this sentence along with punctuation : thecatwasntsittingonthematbutonmybed
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finally we have arrived at the last question and this is it : what is the best breed of cat,,,,but also just to turn this into an english question translate this sentence into english :" méga - lolz i aime compréhensions ! " a déclaré M. Smith
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