Guess The State By The Ridiculous Law

Created by: pearlwellington on September 30, 2015 | 3,220 plays
Question: 1 / 8
In this state, marriage between cousins is against the law only if they are younger than 65
Question: 2 / 8
Jambalaya prepared in "the traditional manner" is not subject to typical sanitation regulations
Question: 3 / 8
You can be arrested or fined for harassing Bigfoot
Question: 4 / 8
State-certified cheeses (muenster, cheddar, colby, monterrey jack) must be manufactured to taste "highly pleasing"
Question: 5 / 8
If you see a sleeping bear, it’s illegal to wake it up for a photo op
Question: 6 / 8
You cannot use imitation milk in a milkshake without warning the drinker
Question: 7 / 8
It is illegal to say this state's name incorrectly
Question: 8 / 8
You are not allowed to eat fried chicken any other way than using your hands
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