How Well Can You Memorize This Image?

Created by: lolshortee on August 10, 2015 | 123 plays
Question: 1
Study the details of this image and when you're ready click 'go'.
Question: 2
Each of the three munchkins is wearing a different color. From left to right, what order are the colors of their shirts?
Question: 3
What is the munchkin wearing green holding in his hand?
Question: 4
How many curls are in the blue munchkin's hair?
Question: 5
Two of the munchkins have checkered shirts. Which ones?
Question: 6
What color is the brick road behind the munchkins?
Question: 7
Where are the hands of the red munchkin?
Question: 8
Which munchkin is shorter than the other two?
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