How well do you know Derek?

Created by: Derek on May 22, 2015 | 117 plays
Question: 1 / 8
Which of these white foods does Derek think is just the worst thing in life?
Question: 2 / 8
This is one of Derek's chickens, her name is?
Question: 3 / 8
Derek's dog Roxy is at her worst when she...
Question: 4 / 8
Derek's son was born on what holiday?
Question: 5 / 8
Who was president when Derek first met the lucky lady who would later be crazy enough to marry him?
Question: 6 / 8
Isabella's cousin once said that she could kill a man with what?
Question: 7 / 8
Derek's dad served in which war?
Question: 8 / 8
Derek has a tattoo of what astrological sign?
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