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Do you like drinking juice? Many different kinds of fruit can become juice. People make juice out of oranges, apples, and cranberries. Some people even make juice from plums and pineapple. All different kinds of juice can be delicious!
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Timmy’s mom was furious! His room was a mess. So, Timmy started cleaning by picking up all his toys. He put his dirty clothes in the laundry room. He made his bed, and threw away all the trash on his floors. His room looked so much better when he was do
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Juggling is a very fun hobby! Thousands of people around the world juggle and love it. People love to show off their juggling skills. Juggling takes a long time to learn, but it can be very exciting when you get it right!
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The zoo is getting lots of awesome new arrivals! This year, the zoo is getting a new giraffe. They will also have some new penguins and a new hippo! This will be a fun year for the zoo will all the new friends!
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What will you do next summer? There are so many things to do during summer. You can go to museums. You could go to the zoo, and even the beach. Summer is full of places to go and things to do!
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Have you ever tried putting salt on fruit? It sounds gross, but putting salt on fruit can be tasty. You can put salt on pineapples and watermelon. Putting salt on fruit is actually very delicious.
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Ethan was very excited about soccer try-outs. He wanted to be the goalie so bad! So he practiced everyday with his dad. They practiced blocking, kicking, and how to move quickly from side to side. Ethan just knew he would make the team.
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The Egyptian people built the Great Pyramids many years ago. No one knows how they did it! Most people believe Egyptians built the pyramids, but they don’t know what tools they used. And some people think aliens built the pyramids! It is still a mystery
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