What TV show or film do these vampires belong to? (Twlight not included)

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Hal Yorke. Good and bad but always tries to stay good, he's old fashioned but most Vampires 500 or even 200 prefer old centuries. But what famous British Tv show is this handsome vamp from?
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Selene, the bad ass werewolf slayer but which gothic, gory action movie is she from?
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Santiago isn't seen that often in this classic but that's what it makes it a harder question. He acts in a pkay about vampires but not much is known about him.so which film is this vampire from?
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Spike, a favourite bad boy to vampire tv fans everywhere but he's been in a spinoff of that show but which show did he debut on and spend most of his time on?
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Dracula comes in many appearances in tv, games and movies. But which incarnation played by Gary Oldman, belongs to which movie?
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