Choose the One Direction Song from its Lyrics

Created by: minshkins on October 23, 2014 | 2,103 plays
Question: 1 / 8
The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed
Question: 2 / 8
'Cause you, you've got this spell on me, I don't know what to believe
Question: 3 / 8
We knew every line, now I can't remember, how it goes but I know that I won't forget her
Question: 4 / 8
Tou-ou-ouch you get this kinda ru-u-ush, baby say yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Question: 5 / 8
I drive all night to keep her warm and frozen
Question: 6 / 8
Couple billion in the whole wide world, find another one 'cause she belongs to me
Question: 7 / 8
We don't wanna be like them, we can make it till the end
Question: 8 / 8
You know I can't fight the feeling, and every night I feel it
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