Parts of the Camera

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Question: 1
This is a socket at the bottom of the camera body for attaching the camera to a commercially sold tripod.
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Question: 2
Load the supplied battery here. Insert the battery with the orientation of the battery terminal aligned with that inside the camera.
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Question: 3
This is a terminal for attaching large external flash units. Data is transmitted between the camera and the flash unit through the this terminal.
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Question: 4
Turn this dial to select a shooting mode according to the scene you want to capture.
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Question: 5
Look through this eyepiece to view the image you want to capture.
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Question: 6
Light entering through the lens is reflected from this toward the viewfinder.
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Question: 7
What is the section for connecting the exchangeable lens to the camera body?
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Question: 8
This is a multi-purpose dial that allows you to perform tasks such as adjusting the value of the shooting settings and jumping through playback images.
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