BTS QUIZ: Which Guy From BTS Is Your Soulmate?

The Bangtan Boys have taken the world by storm. More than just a boy band, BTS is a phenomenon unlike any the world has ever seen. Since storming to fame in 2013, BTS has stolen the hearts of millions, but whose should you give your heart to? Will you go with the adorable guy whose is also a little odd? Will you match with the grumpy guy who actually has a heard of gold? Could it be the cute, but competitive guy is the one for you? Get ready for the cheering crowds, the paparazzi and the adoring fans. It is time to find your soulmate with this BTS Quiz.
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Question: 1
Which would be your go-to first date?
Question: 2
What's your texting style?
Question: 3
Which color looks best on you?
Question: 4
What is a quote that inspires you?
Question: 5
What bothers you the most?
Question: 6
It's your last meal on earth, you choose...
Question: 7
What kind of flowers do you prefer?
Question: 8
Which of these qualities do you look for most in a mate?