The Ultimate Superhero Quiz

Do you know your Captain Marvel from your SHAZAM? How about the Green Goblin from the Green Arrow? Are your superhero trivia chops up to the challenge?Take this superhero quiz to test your knowledge.
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Question: 1
Superman's primary weakness is what fictional material?
Question: 2
Peter Parker is the alter ego of what superhero?
Question: 3
What is Iron Man's real name?
Question: 4
Asgard is the home planet of what Marvel super hero?
Question: 5
Wolverine’s bones have what indestructible metal bonded to them?
Question: 6
Batman protects what fictional city?
Question: 7
The X-men character Ororo Munroe is better known by what name?
Question: 8
Wonder Woman is a superhero from what comic book publisher?
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