What Food Is This?

We need it to live. We enjoy it as a kind of art form, the ultimate indulgence. And sometimes we indulge a bit too much. Each and every one of us has their own dietary restrictions and preferences, and all this depends on our ability to identify different foods and make sure we stay away from those that harm us or those that we'd just rather not consume. Survive like the fittest, and see if you can identify the foods shown in these images. Don't worry: you don't have to eat them.
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Question: 1
Which kind of bread is this?
Question: 2
Which kind of cheese is this?
Question: 3
What are these?
Question: 4
What are these?
Question: 5
What is this?
Question: 6
Which candy is this?
Question: 7
Which type of shellfish is this?
Question: 8
Which soup is this?
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