Which '80s Movie Is That Screenshot From?

Hollywood blockbusters, coming-of-age tales, and the further rise of the film franchise: movies in the 1980s spanned many genres. This decade saw the inception of the PG-13 rating to accommodate parents' concerns regarding the depiction of violence on screen, but '80s kids are the adults of today, and a PG-13 rating doesn't stand in their way. Take a trip back in time in the DeLorean with us to the 1980s, and relive some of the most memorable films of the decade.
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Question: 1
John Hughes directed this 1985 teen drama starring Molly Ringwald.
Question: 2
A young Sean Astin starred in this 1985 film.
Question: 3
Harrison Ford starred in this 1989 film directed by Steven Spielberg.
Question: 4
This action thriller film was released in 1988.
Question: 5
This animated Disney film was released in 1989.
Question: 6
This 1987 war film was directed, produced, and co-written by Stanley Kubrick.
Question: 7
Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, and James Earl Jones starred in this 1988 comedy.
Question: 8
This 1980 horror film was based on a novel by Stephen King.
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