Which Fleabag Character Are You?

If you're like most of us, you're probably obsessed with Fleabag, the Emmy-award-winning series from the mind of English actress, producer, and writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Expanded from her one-woman show, Fleabag tells the story of a modern woman living in London: her pendulum-esque love life, her absolutely mad family, and how she deals with (or, in most cases, doesn't deal with) her conflicting thoughts and feelings. Fleabag's characters, like its writing, are hilarious yet sad, over-the-top yet real. They're much more complex than we could fit here into this quiz, but (much like Fleabag herself) we tried. Try it out for yourself, and take this eight-question quiz to find out which Fleabag character you most resemble!
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Question: 1
What do you do at parties?
Question: 2
Which animal do you identify with?
Question: 3
How do you relax?
Question: 4
How would you describe your personal wardrobe style?
Question: 5
What's your favorite book?
Question: 6
What is your go-to beverage?
Question: 7
What motivates you?
Question: 8
Your ideal partner is someone who...