Which GLOW Character Are You?

Inspired by the real-life women's professional wrestling promotion the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, GLOW the show has captured hearts and minds alike with its delightful humor and nuanced characters. The program has been renewed for its fourth and final season, so make sure to catch up on everything you missed before it drops! Squeeze into that leotard and settle in to find out which character from Netflix's GLOW you're most like.
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Question: 1
What's your wrestling name?
Question: 2
Aside from wrestling, what’s your dream job?
Question: 3
Which of these classic movies speaks to you?
Question: 4
Which member of your friend group are you?
Question: 5
Pick a leotard:
Question: 6
Which decade and style of music do you most enjoy?
Question: 7
How are you feeling right now?
Question: 8
Which Marvel character do you most identify with?