Antigone or Anti-Antigone

Created by: cuylie on November 14, 2015 | 20 plays
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"Betrayal is universal for people with no principles"
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"Man's crimes are his worst enemies, following, Like shadows, till they drive his steps into The pit he dug."
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"Bethink thee, sister, of our father's fate, Abhorred, dishonored, self-convinced of sin, Blinded, himself his executioner. Think of his mother-wife (ill sorted names) Done by a noose herself had twined to death And last, our hapless brethren..."
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"Claim not a work in which thou hadst no hand; One death sufficeth. Wherefore should'st thou die?"
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"I know it too, and it perplexes me. To yield is grievous, but the obstinate soul That fights with Fate, is smitten grievously. "
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"I urge no more; nay, wert thou willing still, I would not welcome such a fellowship. Go thine own way; myself will bury him. How sweet to die in such employ, to rest,-- Sister and brother linked in love's embrace-- A sinless sinner, banned awhile on eart
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"The immutable unwritten laws of Heaven. They were not born today nor yesterday; They die not; and none knoweth whence they sprang."
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"The slain man was no villain but a brother."
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